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Jerome County was created in 1919 from the parent Counties of Gooding, Minidoka and Lincoln.

In the 1880's it was part of Alturas County, which no longer exists.

The county seat is Jerome believed to be named after Jerome Kuhn, son of W. S. Kuhn who had purchased North Side property from Frank Buhl, and planned on building a town site on the North Side. Others believe Jerome was named after Jerome Hill who was commissioned by Kuhn to find a suitable area for a town site. Traveling all day Jerome Hill and his group found themselves lost in the lava and sagebrush so made camp for the night. Morning brought a wonderers view of The Sawtooths to the North and Twin Falls to the South and all agreed they had searched far enough, markers were placed at the location and Jerome town site began her legacy.

The land opening was held on September 30, 1907, where two lots were offered for public auction, following choices of lots were drawn by lottery. 1907 land was set aside for a cemetery and in 1914 received a deed for said property. The first train "Idaho Southern Railway" entered Jerome on December 28, 1908, coming from Gooding. The Pioneer Newspaper owned by H. A. Stroud and John D. Nims released the first edition on November 12, 1908. Adeline Becker became Jerome's first postmaster with the Post office beginning service on August 24, 1907. 1908 brought the first telephone service to Jerome, managed by Ed Churchman. Jerome School District was organized in 1908 and in 1911 the District became Jerome Independent School District # 33, Transporting students by school wagon began in 1909.

The first telephone service was connected in 1908 and in 1912 Mountain States obtained ownership. 1922 crystal radio sets made a appearance in Jerome, do- it-yourself instructions appeared in the North Side News which was enjoyed by many residents.

Jerome County consists of the small farming communities of Eden, Town site laid out in 1905 and settlement in 1907, Post office 1912. Hazelton lays 4.1 miles east of Eden and was first settled in 1905, The town was founded in 1911, named for Hazel Barlow. Jerome is in the West part of the county, 4 miles East of the Gooding Jerome line.

Towns and Settlements left behind but not forgotten Falls City, 6 miles east of Jerome had a post office from 1909 to 1916. Greenwood sits in the SE part of the county, First designated as a school district and than as a community, named for Annie Pike Greenwood. Hillsdale is in South part of county 2.2 miles SW of Eden, post office from 1908-1913. Hunt is in S. central of county 6 miles N NW of Eden, post office named for the Minidoka War Relocation Center where 9400 Japanese Americans were held prisoner during WWII. Named in honor of Wilson Price Hunt, the Astorian exployer of 1811. Pleasant Plains and Barrymore.

Jerome County was known to be the 43rd County in the 43rd State of the United States of America.

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