Cemeteries of Jerome Cuonty
Ira Burton Perrine Cemetery

The Following are Surrounded by Fenced Gravesites:

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Fillmore, Brent D.
B. 18 Sept 1957
D. 14 July 2006

Fillmore, Kent
B. 29 July 1960
D.13 April 2006

Oswalt, Jeffery Ira
B. 12 March 1979
D. 24 May 1984
(Great Grandson of Ira Sr.)

Perrine, Ira Burton
B. 7 may 1861
D. 2 Oct 1943

Perrine, Hortense
D. 1947

Perrine, Ira Burton "Bert" Jr.
B. 1908 D. 1979
(Son of Ira Sr.)

Perrine, George Burton
B. 20 Sept 1893
D. 16 Sept 1898
(Son of Ira Sr.)

Perrine, Eugene H.
B. 5 Feb 1911
D. 24 May 2004
(Youngest son of Ira Sr. Cremated)

Perrine, Emerald
B. 29 Sept 1910
D. 27 Nov 2003
(Shares stone with Trudi Bowler)

Perrine, Trudi Bowler
B. 19 Nov 1939
D. 31 Aug 1999
(Shares stone with Emerald)


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