Pre-County Misc. Records

These records are from Lincoln County before Jerome County was established. These records are for births, marriages and deaths.

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Birth Records for Jerome in Lincoln County

# Date Town Name Sex Race Parents
#222 Nov 20, 1909 Jerome Donald M W C.E. & Mary Carsler
#373 Mar 14, 1911 Jerome Still Born M W Frank A & Maude E. Busse
#385 May 15, 1911 Jerome Madonna Madeline F W Nellie & Clyde Harper
#386 June 10, 1911 Jerome Unnamed Twins M W Rachel & J.C. Carlson
#387 June 16, 1911 Jerome Unnamed F W Ellen & Harvey Walch
#388 May 05, 1911 9 mi. East Jerome Unnamed M W B.L. & Effa Smith
#389 May 23, 1911 Jerome Unnamed M W Ray & Luna Pope
#390 June 09, 1911 Jerome Harvey M W H.D. Cook
#391 June 30, 1911 5 mi North Jerome Causeby M W J.H. Dwntoss
#392 June 15, 1911 Jerome Unnamed M W John Hanson
May 18, 1911 Jerome Unnamed M W John Pickins
#423 May 28, 1911 Jerome Unnamed M W Harry Claar
#424 Jan 18, 1910 Jerome Andrew Jackson Jr. M W Andrew J. & Bertha McKistern
#425 Jan 25, 1910 Jerome Melba F W J.W. & Ada L. Green
#426 Feb 08, 1911 Jerome Unnamed M W Anna & Stephen T. Robertston
#427 Mar 05, 1911 Jerome Unnamed F W Kehrer
#428 Jan 03, 1911 Jerome Alta F W Anna & John Grensberry
#429 Mar 27, 1911 Jerome Unnamed M W Manners

Death Register for Jerome in Lincoln County Courthouse

Aug 15, 1908 Jerome Roberts, Nellie 01yr Gastritis
Jan 03, 1909 Jerome Odonnell, Wm UNK Pneumonia
Mar 10, 1911 Hillsdale Fruman, Ruth 03yr Accidental Poisoning
Mar 03, 1911 Jerome Pence, Robt M 06mo Croupous Pneumonia
Jan 23, 1911 Jerome Adams, Mrs. 24yr Diabetes Coma
Feb 17, 1911 Jerome Thorp, J.W 65yr Pneumonia
Mar 08, 1911 Jerome Hemell, Baby 04mo Whooping Cough Pneumonia

Marriages Records for Jerome in Lincoln County

#053 Mar 05, 1909 Shoshone Lyons, Willard J
Rainey, Vema
Jerome, Idaho
North Yakima (WA)
#077 Oct 26, 1909 Shoshone Norris, John H
Kummer, Louise
Jerome, Idaho
Spokane (WA)
#078 Nov 05, 1909 Shoshone Peterson, William F
Swerson, Mary O
Jerome, Idaho
Jerome, Idaho
#084 Oct 30, 1909 Shoshone Jones, William Lee
Lile, Mrs. Anna
Jerome, Idaho
Jerome, Idaho
#122 Aug 14, 1911 Jerome Schoenthal, Herbert R
Kellogg, L.Grace
Jerome, Idaho
Jerome, Idaho
#123 Aug 22, 1911 Jerome Phillips, Leon J
Ridgeway, Madeliene
Jerome, Idaho
Jerome, Idaho
#124 Oct 05, 1911 Jerome Massey, Charles F
Ellis, Harriet E
Jerome, Idaho
Jerome, Idaho
#129 May 20, 1911 Shoshone Sloan, T.J
Yoder, Amanda
Jerome, Idaho
Nappaner (IN)

Transcribed by Chris Storey
Registers at Lincoln County Courthouse
The Town of Jerome platted in 1907 became
County Seat in 1919

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